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If you choose to book online from our website, the online booking system will ask for your credit card information through a secure web page. This way your reservation will be valid. Please note that no money transaction takes place at that time. Later on, we will contact you... We will agree with you on the payment in advance amount and we will proceed to the actual money transaction using your credit card details.

If you make your reservation inquiry for an apartment or a house at Patmos Villas using our reservation web form or by phone/e-mail, there are two possible scenarios in order for you to arrange the agreed payment in advance. First, you may give us your credit card details when commuticating with us and we will make the money transfer remotely.

Secondly, if you feel uncomfortable with giving us your credit card details, we will send you via e-mail a payment in advance request. Then, you may proceed to a payment through the Secure Gateway of Viva Payments! Viva Payments works in a very similar Way to Paypal.


You will receive an e-mail with a subject like :
Payment Notification from: YPSHLANTHS THWMAS DHMHTRIOS
Viva Payments Procedure

Payment Info

The body of the e-mail contains all the necessary information about the amount of payment and again who asks the money from you Viva Payments Procedure

Description: contains the reason for the payment you are making to Patmos Villas
for example :payment in Advance for your reservation
Expires on : The date of expiration signifies the End Date in American Date Format MM:DD:YYY HH:MM:SS PM/AM that the request for money expires
Payment Code it is your transaction ID number
Amount contains the amount of money that you are asked to pay for

Right below the amount, there is a section with all the available Options of payments. Customers from abroad can only use the first option: Credit, debit or prepaid card way
Viva Payment Available Options

Credit card Payment

You have to click on the submit button/link
Viva Payment visa Option
Acceptable cards are the following:

American Express

You will be transfered in a secure Server Location (htpps://) Viva Payment secure server https address

Viva Payment Gui - Graphical user Interface

Viva Payment Graphical User Interface

With Red we have marked the areas that you have to fill and with Green digits is the amount you will be charged upon completion of the payment procedure

Viva Payment Graphical User Interface

Submit Payment

with the use of SUBMIT button Viva Payment payment submit
The Transcation, your payment is processed. Upon Success you will see the Receipt on the payment screen.

Transaction Receipt

You can have a printed hard copy of your payment by clicking on the transaction receipt link shown below
Viva Payment Transaction Receipt
example of Transaction Receipt Viva Payment Transaction Receipt example
Congratulations! Enjoy your Stay at Patmos Villas