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Patmos Curriculum Vitae

Patmos is a Peaceful Island of the Aegean Sea.
Being the Northest frontier of Dodecanesian Island Complex, located Nortwest of Leros and SouthWest of Samos Island. It has a surface of 34 square Kilometers and a length of 63 Kilometers.
The Island Coasts look like a fine lace, with four large bays and many more smaller ready to be discovered. Patmos is an Island originally created by a Volcano eruption, being mainly Rocky with a low mountain altitude (269 meters high).
Religiously important, Patmos was the place were St.John wrote (95 A.C.), the Book of Apocalypse. So it is called the Island of Apocalypse.

Rocky hills with quiet green valleys among them, interchange with the lacy beaches and the numerous small islands all around the island of Patmos.
Crystal clear blue sea and peaceful images will provide you the best scenery for a relaxing vacation season!
Skala is the main Port of the Island and has the largest village near it. You will find many coffee shops, restaurants, clubs and shops. A litle bit norther Skala you will find Chora which is the Capital of the Island. At the top of the hill you will find The Monastery of St.John and the Medieval Hole small town. You will also find St.Helias church, at the south of the Island.
Fascinating architecture with white luxury houses built with the traditional style of an Island, stand still for centuries.

Countless beaches of Patmos wait to be discovered. The exceptional architecture of Chora and a wide variety of choices for fun/entertainment make the Island of Patmos an ideal and one of the most popular holidays destination.

Transportation is only available by sea and helicopter. Your trip from the port of Piraeus will last about 10 hours with the conventional boat and about 7 with the high speed vessel.
Patmos is interconnected also with Rhodes, Samos, Kos and Kalymnos. Some of the above Islands have airports and can be used as a intermediate station/transit destination.
Grikos and Chora are two among the Nine Greek Protected places by Unesco. That underlines the significance of the Island History!

The small island of Patmos is gonna drive you crazy with the lacy coasts, the tiny private bays and the numerous small and large beaches. All of them are suitable for swimming. There are organized beaches also, but you can hike to the emerald waters of a private one!

Patmos Villas

Patmos Villas are stone made independent apartments and houses located at the traditional bay of Grikos.
The idea was to combine high aesthetic and the spirit of hospitality, something common among all houses of Patmos, which are aged since 15th century.

Affordable luxury is our main concern-goal.

Apartments decorated in full compliance with the Dodecanesian aesthetic, build with stone with blue windows, gardens full of Vocamvilies, flavors and recipies of homemade desserts from Patmos compose a unique scenery that guarantees to make your holidays unforgetable.

Patmos - Villas success story is fulfilled by the owners of the place, sharp professionalism combined with tradition, love for their work and smile, ready to serve every possible desire of yours.

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